Personal Payday loans: Get the lowest interest rate right now

On this page we present what a Personal Payday loan is. The purpose is to create knowledge of Personal Payday loans and provide an overview of the different loan options. We explain, among other things, what the difference between secured and unsecured Personal Payday loans is, and what costs you can expect in connection with the loan.

GET A Personal Payday LOAN

GET A Personal Payday LOAN

If you are considering applying for a Personal Payday loan, or just want to get more information on the subject, you have come to the right place. We will guide you through everything you need to know about Personal Payday loans.

WHAT IS A Personal Payday LOAN

A Personal Payday loan is a loan that is paid to Personal Payday individuals and is in contrast to corporate loans paid to companies or farms. At Good Finance, you have the opportunity to get non-binding loan offers on Personal Payday loans from 7 different banks. Regardless of whether you have to borrow DKK 5,000 or DKK 500,000, for most Danes there is a lot of money to save by choosing the cheapest loan offer on the market.

On this page you can read more about what a Personal Payday loan is and how you can find the cheapest loan on the market. Our customers save an average of SEK 12,500 when they collect loan offers through our platform.


Since a Personal Payday loan is merely a term for a loan given to Personal Payday individuals, it is often used for several different types of loans, in particular:

  • Consumer
  • Home loans
  • Samlelån
  • payday loans



In the case of Personal Payday loans, there are many different types of loans, such as mortgages, consumer loans, mortgage loans, quick loans, car loans, etc. The most important distinction in understanding these types of loans is secured and unsecured loans.

Secured loans are Personal Payday loans, which the bank provides with certainty in eg housing, car or boat. As a borrower, you must therefore provide a guarantee for the loan by making a mortgage on the home or car you need to use the loan to buy.

If for some reason you cannot pay interest and repayments on your secured loan, the bank may require you to sell your property or car to repay the money. This also means that the loan is bound to buy exactly the home or car that you have agreed. Secured loans can be car loans, mortgages, mortgages and the like. This type of loan is associated with a smaller risk for the banks, and it will therefore often be possible to get a relatively low interest rate.

Unsecured loans are unsecured loans in property. This means that as a borrower you are not bound to use the loan for anything specific, but you can have the money yourself. These loans are often called consumer loans, vacation loans, quick loans, wedding loans and certain types of car and home loan.

Unsecured loans are associated with a greater risk for the banks, and this type of loan will therefore often have a slightly higher interest rate than the secured loans. At the same time, the loan amount is often slightly smaller and the maturity slightly shorter than for secured loans.



In contrast to a Personal Payday loan, a corporate loan is thus.

Business loans are often used to finance start-up costs or to invest in new properties, machinery or other connected to running a business. The conditions for obtaining a business loan are linked to an assessment of the company’s liquidity, operating costs, depreciation and the like. Here one does not look at the applicant’s Personal Payday financial conditions, and at the same time the loan must not be included in the applicant’s Personal Payday finances.

Conversely, when the banks and other loan providers assess applications for Personal Payday loans, they look at the applicant’s Personal Payday financial situation and make a so-called credit rating.

Personal Payday loans are thus a term that should help the banks to separate different types of applicants and processes for the loan.

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